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Free Essays on Police

Police Brutality By: Anonymous Be that as it may, they didn't need to beat me this awful. I don't have the foggiest idea what I did to be beat up. Rodney King, March 3, 1991. Police ruthlessness has been a dependable issue in the United States since at any rate 1903 when police Captain Williams of the New York Police Departmen instituted the saying, There is more law at the finish of a police officer's nightstick than in a choice of the Supreme Court. In the 1920's the Wichersham Commission had various examples of police ruthlessness. Huge numbers of these incorporated the utilization of an exhaustive cross-examination (beating to acquire an admission). This is a successful method to get an admission out of someone. Nonetheless, beating the charged could without much of a stretch inspire an admission from a terrified and guiltless individual. Likewise, this places the blamed individual's life in threat. Cops must settle on snap life and demise choices day by day. Officials' work in a situation where passing (theirs, their accomplices, and a guiltless or blameworthy individual) is one choice away. How does that consistent dread impact an official's observation? Lamentably, numerous that are pulled in to law implementation are forceful and inclined towards brutality as an answer. Police officials have a great deal of intensity. With this force comes obligation. Police fierceness can be characterized as the over the top or absurd utilization of power in managing residents, suspects and guilty parties. A broadly known model happened on the morning of March 3, 1991. Rodney King was pulled out of his vehicle and beaten by two Los Angeles cops. The LAPD had initially offered pursue to Mr. Ruler's vehicle because of an inability to yield. Officials shot a 50,000-volt Taser electric dart firearm at Mr. Lord. They likewise hit King with twirly doos. Mr. Ruler, as indicated by police authorities, was hit roughly multiple times. Mr. Lord had 11 broken bones at the base of his skull. Likewise, the bones holding his eye in the correct attachment were broken (LA Times March 19, 1991 p. A20). ... Free Essays on Police Free Essays on Police â€Å"The 1980s saw improved proficient status for the cop in America. Instructive necessities, relational abilities, and mechanical help, developed the position and upgraded the picture of the cop impressively. It will consistently be perceived that the police power is on the forefront of viciousness and scatter, and should have what it takes to face these issues successfully. The doctor does this in the crisis room of a clinic; so should the cop settle on savvy choices rapidly and under much pressure.† (Opportunities, 6) Brutality and turmoil are significant issues in our general public. We have law requirement individuals controlling these issues. These Enforcers of the Law hazard their lives to ensure us and our own. The Law Enforcers that we are generally acquainted with are PIGs (police). We see PIGs on our ways all over, and we attempt to maintain a strategic distance from them, yet they despite everything come after us and we wonder why us, who gave them the position to pull â€Å"us† over? â€Å"The 1980s saw improved proficient status for the cop in America. Instructive prerequisites, relational abilities, and mechanical help, expanded the position and improved the picture of the cop impressively. It will consistently be perceived that the police power is on the bleeding edge of brutality and scatter, and should have the right stuff to go up against these issues adequately. The doctor does this in the crisis room of an emergency clinic; so should the cop settle on shrewd choices rapidly and under much pressure.† (Opportunities, 6) Savagery and turmoil are significant issues in our general public. We have law implementation individuals controlling these issues. These Enforcers of the Law hazard their lives to secure us and our own. The Law Enforcers that we are generally acquainted with are PIGs (police). We see PIGs on our ways all over, and we attempt to maintain a strategic distance from them, yet they despite everything come after us and we wonder why us, who gave them the power to pull ï ¿ ½... Free Essays on Police Police Brutality By: Anonymous In any case, they didn't need to beat me this terrible. I don't have the foggiest idea what I did to be beat up. Rodney King, March 3, 1991. Police mercilessness has been a durable issue in the United States since in any event 1903 when police Captain Williams of the New York Police Departmen begat the expression, There is more law at the finish of a police officer's nightstick than in a choice of the Supreme Court. In the 1920's the Wichersham Commission had various occurrences of police fierceness. Huge numbers of these incorporated the utilization of an exhaustive round of questioning (beating to acquire an admission). This is a compelling method to get an admission out of someone. Nonetheless, beating the blamed could without much of a stretch inspire an admission from a terrified and blameless individual. Additionally, this places the charged individual's life in risk. Cops must settle on snap life and demise choices day by day. Officials' work in a domain where passing (theirs, their accomplices, and a guiltless or liable individual) is one choice away. How does that steady dread impact an official's recognition? Shockingly, numerous that are pulled in to law implementation are forceful and inclined towards savagery as an answer. Police officials have a great deal of intensity. With this force comes duty. Police fierceness can be characterized as the inordinate or outlandish utilization of power in managing residents, suspects and guilty parties. A broadly known model happened on the morning of March 3, 1991. Rodney King was pulled out of his vehicle and beaten by two Los Angeles cops. The LAPD had initially offered pursue to Mr. Ruler's vehicle because of an inability to yield. Officials shot a 50,000-volt Taser electric dart weapon at Mr. Lord. They likewise hit King with rod. Mr. Lord, as indicated by police authorities, was hit around multiple times. Mr. Ruler had 11 broken bones at the base of his skull. Likewise, the bones holding his eye in the correct attachment were broken (LA Times March 19, 1991 p. A20). ...

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The Ultimate Guide to Personalization

The Ultimate Guide to Personalization When historians write about this period of economic history, they will call it the age of the customer. The age of the customer is a term used to describe the age in which customers are now more empowered than ever before. Today, customers can get more information about more products at the touch of a button. Though it feels common place to most people, this is a truly revolutionary period in a very long history of commerce and trade.Because customers have greater access to products and services than ever before, the competition for their business is also greater than it previously was. No longer limited geographically, it is easy for a customer in Texas to order from an artist in Hawaii. People from all over the world can discover new merchants with the click of a button. However, this also means that they can change their loyalty just as quickly.To combat the huge fluctuations in customer turnover, businesses have turned to relationship marketing to build stronger relationships wit h their customers. One of the fastest growing strategies in relationship marketing is called personalization. © | OllyyThis guide will teach you on 1) what is personalization, 2) why customers want personalization, and 3) how to personalize your marketing.WHAT IS PERSONALIZATION?Personalization is a comprehensive strategy that requires a business to calibrate its strategy to be focused on the individual consumer. This is different than segmentation or re-segmentation of a market because even if a market segment is broken down into a smaller segment, it still requires a business to reach a group of people rather than an individual. Thus, when personalization strategists talk about the individual, they really do mean creating an experience that is customized for one individual.Personalization is not about finding a software application to address each consumer individually in an email heading. Although there is something that consumers find comforting about seeing their names, personalization has transcended these simple greetings and has instead opted for a fully customizabl e experience in which every detail from greeting to format to timing is tailored directly to the customer.To make this happen, marketers use the information gleaned from a meaningful customer relationship. When this relationship is used to generate data about an individual, marketers can use this data to create a unique experience for the individual customer.This information might come from facts provided by the customer. The rise of detailed online profiles provides much of this information. For example, Marriott Rewards members can customize their online profiles to include all of their travel preferences right down to the type of pillows they prefer in their hotel room.This information may also be based on the behaviors the customers exhibits or predictions based on the customer’s future needs. Marriott may look at a Marriott Reward’s member’s activity to see which brands they frequently search for. Marriott can see if a member is more interested in the Courtyard brand loca ted in suburban areas or if they are interested in the high end JW Marriott Brand. This activity about past behaviors can not only provide predictions about what kind of hotels that member is interested in. It can help Marriott better sell those hotels by allowing Marriott to alert that member when there is a special offer from the brands and areas they are most interested in.This kind of marketing may at first seem uncomfortable. However, upon further examination, it is easy to see why both customers and businesses find that it is worth the investment. For businesses, content personalization of this nature offers an ROI that is worth adopting. It costs 62% less than traditional marketing methods; yet, it generates almost triple the number of leads. The benefits for customers, however, are more psychological.Find out about the 5 key personalization statistics you should know.[slideshare id=36352150doc=5personalizationstats-140626153253-phpapp02w=640h=330]WHY CUSTOMERS WANT PERSONALI ZATIONLike many marketing trends, personalization began as a luxury item. It was first available to visionaries and those with deep pockets. After all, it costs a lot of money for Marriott to learn about what kind of pillows its loyal customers prefer. The benefit of this kind of individual data was not immediately visible on a business level. When it is considered in the context of the customer, it is invaluable.The value that personalized data offers businesses can no longer be ignored or overlooked. Personalization is now a necessity because the old methods of reaching customers are fizzling out. Old methods have fizzled so much that some marketers debated whether it was more likely that a customer would survive a plane crash than click on a segmented banner ad. This is a bold statement that is mostly false because there are still more people who, willfully or accidentally, click on advertisements than die in plane crashes.But if you think about the last banner ad you saw, you of ten have one of two reactions. The first is that you do not even remember the content of the last banner ad you saw. The second reaction is that you did not find that ad remotely compelling enough to click on it.The poor performance of banner ads is now being compounded by ad blocking software. Now that internet users are blocking ads on their computers and their mobile devices, the time that businesses have to adjust marketing strategies is growing shorter. If you want to reach customers, personalization is now one of the cheapest and most effect methods.Personalization is not the result of a marketing trend made popular by big agencies with deep pockets. Customers today want real engagement. The more personal this engagement is, the more valued it is by customers. They want a business who wants to meet their needs. That business does not need to be a small, boutique business. It can be a huge brand that serves millions of customers.The key is to make it easier for every customer t o find what they want. Customers do not want to feel like they are being “sold”, especially if the pitch is regarding products or services that they have no interest in. Personalization works well here because the strategy feels less like an elevator pitch and more like a helpful hint. However, personalization transcends the sales process in two unique ways.When an experience is tailored to an individual, that individual feels more in control. Even though you are still in control of the customer’s experience, the fact that they feel that they have more control over their outcome has a positive influence on their mindset. This is a huge distinction in the sales process for customers because one of the biggest roadblocks in sales and marketing is the customer’s innate fear of being sold something. Yes, customers want to buy. But they want that purchase to be their decision â€" not yours.Secondly, customers are tired of being fed information they don’t want. Despite greater a ccess to information, customers today have less time to make a purchasing decision. Even high-end purchases are rushed because this is an age where the next model is right around the corner.When companies personalize information for a specific customer’s needs, that customer does not feel like they are being overloaded with information. Instead, the customer feels like they have all the information that they were looking for right in front of them. This relieves a second roadblock on the path to sales. It eliminates the customer’s fear that they will be sold something they never wanted in the first place.Some great learnings from Netflix personalizing their offering.[slideshare id=38659840doc=contentwisewebinar-10lessonsnetflix-140903140643-phpapp02w=640h=330]HOW TO PERSONALIZE YOUR MARKETINGNow that you know more about what personalization is, it is easier to create a marketing plan that fits this structure. A personalization marketing plan will often be broken down into four d istinct parts: targeting the customer, sending the message, executing the strategy and delivering the personalization.Targeting the CustomerPersonalization requires a wealth of customer data. Rather than focusing on market segments, it requires businesses to take on real, individual data. A rich user profile can help marketers achieve this insight.User profiles should not be set up to provide you with basic data like names, income bracket or contact details.Be sure to collect data from the customer that can help you learn more about the customer. This data should be relevant to your product and service as well as easy to collect. Avoid forcing the customer to type too much or push too many buttons. Instead, collect as much information as possible on one page without compromising the utility of the page.For example, an airline would not collect only names and contact details when creating a user profile for customers. It would allow customers to enter details like meal preferences, s eat preferences as well as any further interests that are applicable to the product.This works because it masquerades itself under the guise of convenience. Customers will happily provide a small amount of relevant personal details if it means that their next flight will be enhanced or more convenient in some way.Personalization should not just be informed by online behaviors. Retailers, in particular, should focus on offline behaviors, as well. Both sets of behaviors are required for greater insight and better advertising.To do this, you need to create an ongoing one-on-one relationship between your business and your customer. Relationship marketing only works if a relationship is being fostered over time. This relationship needs to be long term and needs to anticipate customer needs today and tomorrow.Sending the Right MessageThe messages you send to customers must be relevant to the data that you have collected. From a customer point of view, there is nothing worse than providing details to a company only to be spammed about products that the customer is only vaguely interested in.More than this, the language that you use to send the message needs to match the content. You do not want to send a message that sounds like you ran a customer’s data through a software program and came up with a result. Even though this is what happens behind the scenes, that will feel more intrusive to customers. It will also eat away at the personalization goals rather than contributing to them.Furthermore, the tactics you use need to be genuine. Showing customers an ad for something they just viewed on your website is not personalized marketing. It needs to speak to the needs and habits of the individual consumer in a way that captivates them. The goal of your message should be to leave your customer wondering how you knew that they were interested in that product but still being grateful that you found out.Executing the StrategyOnce you have your message, you need to think about execution and timing the message. The timing within which a customer receives the message is almost as important as the message itself.Example: A customer returns to your site regularly to browse the cost of flights from New York to Los Angeles in April. To personalize their messages, you are sending them a personalized message letting them know about new, cheaper services between New York and similar destinations in California. However, you would want to make sure that this message is sent out with plenty of time for them to buy before their travel dates.The key to great execution is to use the data you have to find the exact time that a customer will be most receptive to the message that you are sending. Most people need to take time off of work. They also want time to plan a trip. Offering a personalized ad for a last minute flight to a customer who has been looking at the same flight for six months will probably not result in a purchase.You also want to mix up the timing o f your strategies between an “act now” strategy and an informational message. This allows the customer to allow themselves to take advantage of flash sales occasionally but also allows them to put more planning into their purchase as well. Achieving a balance is a good plan for execution because it does not put too much pressure on the customer but still encourages them to make impulse purchase occasionally.Delivering PersonalizationDelivering the personalized message needs to take place in real-time across several channels. This kind of coordinated approach is necessary for driving interaction between the customer and the business.Delivery is also an important part of executing the strategy. While it is easy to reach millions of people at once, it has simultaneously become harder to reach just one individual. A cross-channel delivery is one of the best ways to deliver personalized messages because it helps ensure that the customer receives the message.  For example, you could s end the airline customer an email and a notification in the airline’s mobile application to better increase the chances of the customer seeing the message and acting on it.  The easier it is to find the message and act on it, the more success the message will have.When you are delivering personalized messages, you should also be considering your follow up message delivery. The amount of follow up you do will depend on the number of messages you intend to send.You want to find a balance between sending enough messages to remind customers about your first message. You want to keep the emails limited enough to make the offers feel exclusive; however, you want to offer reminders as well.CONCLUSIONPersonalization used to be the marketing strategy of the future, but today, it is a tactic that a business should be adopting sooner rather than later. Personalization offers customers all of the benefits that they love about small, local businesses. It allows them to learn about products tha t they are interested in without having to sift through mountains of information. It also allows them to do so in a sphere that feels more private to them than the traditional marketing experience.A great personalized marketing experience should remind a customer of a visit to their local baker. There is nothing better than the baker rewarding your loyalty by setting aside your favorite pastry to make sure that you get one before they run out.Big and small companies can replicate this experience by investing time and money into gathering essential and relevant data about their customers. Whether it is the type of pillows they prefer or the customer’s shoe size, a business of any size can recreate the feeling of getting the very last bear claw straight from the baker’s oven.

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The Power Of The Anthology In Producing The Canon Free Essay Example, 3000 words

Non-canonical works are excluded for a reason political, most likely. For Guillory, the most likely works to survive repeated generations and enter the canon are those that originated in the literate class written by the educated, using educated language. Sung or spoken vernacular pieces may have fallen by the wayside, though these pieces may have value as well. Because only certain works survive, students become acculturated by the canon and works are removed from their contexts, thus losing some of their signifying meaning. Anthologies can set aside canonical issues and present a sample of writings organized around a theme (genre or time survey, for instance). Kuipers (2003) states, The anthology is a literary storage and communication form: a textbook, (now) a digital archive, (once) a commonplace book, (perhaps still) the poems one has memorized for pleasure (51). An anthology is a survey of literature from a particular time and place, not the whole of that time and place. Most of the works are from the academically-accepted canon rather than miscellaneous representations of literature (Mujica, 1997), but considerations outside the predominant cultural view influence which works are chosen (Mignolo, 1991). We will write a custom essay sample on The Power Of The Anthology In Producing The Canon or any topic specifically for you Only $17.96 $11.86/page

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My View On Death Of Death Essay - 1324 Words

I am 22. At this age, I am mature enough to admit that I am not a minor anymore. At this age, I am starting to observe the surroundings more comprehensively. At this age, I have been through various tones of emotions: adoration, repulsion, elation, despondency, unity, isolation, curiosity, boredom, belief, grace, or sorrow. Horribly, I have witnessed the death of two of my family members. I became aware that I fear death. Death brings a feeling of the world is falling under my feet. And the thought of losing my love ones and the idea of the cold when deep buried under the ground terrify me. However, Montaigne philosophy has significantly impacted my perception of death. After reading his belief, I ask myself, why does he recognize death uniquely different? While death is a dreadful obsession to many, he is not afraid of it. Strangely, the more I read, the more spellbound I feel about his belief. Suddenly, I realize my perspective on the world and my expectations have slowly shifted, positively. Montaigne coaches me that the fear of death is no longer appalling nor an obsession. He enlightens me that to die is not the most fearful thing but to not completely live is. As in Montaigne’s article â€Å"That to study philosophy is learn to die,† he writes: Wherever your life ends, it is all there. The utility of living consists not in the length of days, but in the use of time; a man may have lived long, and yet lived a little. Make use of time while it is present with you. It dependsShow MoreRelatedMy Views On Death And Death1263 Words   |  6 PagesSpeaking about death in any aspect is something that my family does not speak in conversation at all. We avoid this conversation because it is a sensitive subject that is not thought about as we focus more on living life instead. Living life, going through experiences, cherishing the moments and memories, are the things we focus on as a family; not wondering how death will come upon us. As much as we live life to the fullest potential, it is important to understand that death will happen one dayRead MoreMy View Of Life After Death1232 Words   |  5 Pagesdetermine your life after death. I accepted this as truth for a very long time, as I had no exposure to different views. I would argu e with my LDS peers on the meaning of Heaven and Hell and their nonbelief, and I would trust everything I was taught without much question. In college, things changed. I still believe in God, but differently. I have struggled with my own beliefs for a while now, because everything I have known is being, or has been challenged by discussions in my classes. I cannot imagineRead MoreGod Is Red : A Native View Of Religion912 Words   |  4 PagesNative View of Religion Vine Deloria discussed and elaborated on many issues in God Is Red: A Native View of Religion. The Indian movement within America has many difficulties including how the Christian and Native perspectives on many issues, including history, time and land, was informative and enlightening. The issues between the conflicting viewpoints on creation, history and how it effects our present American culture has been an interest to me. I want to focus on the chapter on Death and ReligionRead MoreSocrates : A Man By The Name Of Socrates963 Words   |  4 Pagesthis trial Socrates expressed his view of death by using his question-and-answer method, for which he was famous for and what seemed to have gotten him in trouble. Socrates did not write so we have to depend on on what others wrote, and by doing that we now get to see the diverse ways people read and understand what was written about his speech. My chosen primary source, Socrates View on Death, is important, because it gives one view of Socrates speech while my outside source, Ancient Greece, givesRead MoreDeath Penalty Should Be Punished The Same Way1360 Words   |  6 PagesSeptember 28, 2014 Death Penalty When it comes to the topic of the Death Penalty, most of us will readily agree that people who take someone’s life should be punished the same way. Where this agreement usually ends, however, is on the question of if this is what they really deserve. Whereas some are convinced that this is what needs to happen so these criminals can learn the true value of the crime they have committed, others maintain that these felons should not be given the death penalty, since manyRead MoreEssay about Socrates vs Gilgamesh1173 Words   |  5 PagesSocrates’ view of death in the Phaedo, Crito, and Apology is complex. His argument tries to prove that philosophers, of all people, are in the best state to die or will be in the best state after life because of the life they lead. Socrates’ views are sharply contrasted in The Epic of Gilgamesh. In fact, he would probably say that Gilgamesh had not lived the proper kind of life and his views of life, and death would lead to an uns ettled existence in the afterlife. Socrates’ view of death, from hisRead MoreThe Bible and Death Penalty Essay example812 Words   |  4 Pagesâ€Å"Does a person’s view of the Bible influence what they think about the death penalty for murderers.† I would like to see if a person’s view of the bible influence what they think of the death penalty. This is interesting to me because I am interested in the field of criminal justice and the death penalty is a huge topic to this day. There are many journals that talk about studies that were done on religion and views of the death penalty which have to do with my topic of interest. My hypothesis is thatRead MoreCapital Punishment Should Be Abolished Essay1293 Words   |  6 Pagesa whole. In the opinion stated by my class group, capital punishment should be entirely abolished due to the possibility of mistakes while sentencing. This idea relies on the basis that capital punishment has absolutely no purpose or benefit. Members of my group mistakenly used a utilitarianist point of view to argue their case, even though this view can be stretched to fit almost any argument. This paper will explore the use of capital punishment through the view that it is acceptable only in theRead MoreBureau Of Justice Statistics : The United States Primary Source For Criminal Justice1439 Words   |  6 Pagespolicymakers in combating crime and ensuring that justice is both efficient and evenhanded. The website is relevant to my topic as the site have information such as information on executions, trends, clear definition, and time between imposition of death sentence and execut ion. The site was revised the same date of access, therefore the information is up to date and would be useful. Death Penalty: Pros and Cons n.p.13 Apr. 2009. Web. 25 Nov. 2014. is a nonprofit public charityRead MoreSocrates: on Life, Death and the Afterlife1419 Words   |  6 PagesBD Socrates’ views of death as represented in â€Å"The Trial and Death of Socrates† are irrevocably tied to his beliefs of what makes life significant. For Socrates, life must be examined through constant questioning and one must hold the goodness of life above all else. Consequently, even in the face of the un-good, or unjust in Socrates’ case as represented in his trial, it would not be correct to do wrong, return wrong or do harm in return for harm done. Therefore, no act should be performed with

Useful Tips For Your Essays Exams Free Essays

Useful Tips for Essays Exams If you’re starting your exams this week, got presentations, or an innumerable number of essays to hand in. We wish you all the best. For exams, remember to sleep early, wake up fresh, and go prepared to write your heart out. We will write a custom essay sample on Useful Tips For Your Essays Exams or any similar topic only for you Order Now You do not always have to remember everything you read word for word. Feel free to include your opinion and common sense in answering some questions. For essays, make sure you answer the question, and if you are not sure, email us. Always include an introduction, body and conclusion, and funny as it may seem, having a table of contents, and a logical structure could gain you marks!!! While answering an exam or essay question, remember this useful tip: Start with explaining what you want to write (Introduction), then write what you are meant to write (Body), and then summarise everything you just wrote (Conclusion). Once again, sleep early for exams; answer your essay questions; avoid plagiarism at all cost; and contact us if you need any help. Additional resources to assist you Here are some additional resources on our site Journal to assist you. You may just want to take sometime out to read the short articles. They could be really useful: How to Minimize Exam Stress How to Relax When You’re Suffering from Exam Nerves How to Prepare for an Exam How to Build Your Exam Confidence Practical Tips for Examination Success Remember we can also help with Exam Notes – an extensive summary of your reading list that could help speed up your revision process. How to cite Useful Tips For Your Essays Exams, Essay examples

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Justin Bieber Strategic and Marketing Mangement free essay sample

The music Industry In North America Is constantly flourishing with new up-and- coming artists. After conducting a Porters Five Forces analysis (Appendix AY), It Is clear that the music industry has accepted and adapted to technological change bringing forth more effective avenues for artists to express themselves.The primary objective for most aspiring musicians is to gain the attention of major record labels, ho can provide the financial support needed to gain widespread exposure and promotion. In recent years, social media platforms have become the most desirable platforms for musicians to interact with fans and promote their music. The music industry has been dominated by a few major record labels which consist of Sony Music Entertainment, universal Music Group, and Warner Music Group. These major labels vie for market share each year by searching for new talent that can appeal to the mainstream and generate the largest amounts of revenue. We will write a custom essay sample on Justin Bieber: Strategic and Marketing Mangement or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page In recent years many emerging artists have utilized dealt mediums such as Youth and Twitter to build a sizable fan base and become more attractive for major labels. Iii notable artists such as Mac Miller and Mackerel to remain independent. By understanding the forces that drive change in the music industry, artists can create strategies that portray them in a way reflective of mainstream musical interests. History of Justine Bibber Born on March 1, 1994 in London, Ontario, Canada, Justine Bibber was born and raised in a single parent home that struggled to make ends meet.He grew an interest in music at age four, as his mothers friends would often play music during their visits here to Patties Mallets small apartment. Justine Bibber demonstrated a natural talent towards various instruments and began singing various tunes by the age of eight. As family and friends began to realize his singing ability Page 13 many encouraged him to Join local singing competitions in Stratford, Ontario where he lived. After earning recognition and accolades, Justine and his mother Patties began posting videos to Youth for the purpose of family and friend enjoyment. These ideas soon grabbed the attention of thousands and sparked a phone call from sessions manager from Atlanta named Scooter Braun. After relentless pursuit, Scooter convinced Patties and Justine to fly out and meet him in Georgia to discuss a potentially career changing meeting with Usher. After months of wait and even interest from Justine Timberline, Bibber had the chance to perform for Usher and was later signed to an Islands Records recording contract offer by label executive L. A. Reid. Vi The co-sign from Usher provided the needed credibility and mentors to help launch a successful career for Justine Bibber.Career Highlights Bribers first single, One Time, went certified platinum in Canada after its release in May 2009. His album titled, My World sold 137,000 copies within a week of hitting stores and in early 2010 Bibber broke into the Billboard Top 10 with his hit song Baby, which featured rapper and song artist Ludicrous. The album My World 2. 0 also went certified platinum and brought forth additional #1 songs such as Somebody to Love featuring Usher and Nine Minnie featuring Sean Kingston. Ii In 2011, manager Scooter Braun decided to show the world where his young sensation was birthed from and the hard work Justine had put into to attain the global success. They choose to create a AD movie with producer and director John Chug called Never Say Never, which would be based on behind the scenes footage and Childhood video clips that his fans had never seen before. The movie earned more than $73 million at the box office and was extremely successful in changing the perceptions of many adults who believed he was a fabricated product.In November 2011, Justine released a Christmas album, Under the Mistletoe, accompanied by the lead single Mistletoe, which helped earn him his third #1 album. Justine Bibber then released Page 14 is highly anticipated fourth album called Believe, which was to represent his acoustic version, which marked his fifth #1 album and would continue to drive the success of lead singles, Boyfriend, As Long as You Love Me, Beauty and the Beat, and Right Here. The album has attained sales of approximately 17 million and continues to have its presence felt across the world.Furthermore, Justine Bribers concert tours have recei ved great acclaim as all shows have been sold out and been classified as an entertainment spectacle by attendees. It is clear that Justine has close sees to his lower class upbringing as he has made it a priority to give back to many charities, specifically Pencils of Promise, which looks to provide educational Infrastructure in the third world. Ix Evolution of Content Every artist must go through changes in both their imagery and music content to evolve to changing consumer trends.Initially, Bibber produced content that attracted strong female fan base, expressing his talent through songs about love and relationships. This niche positioning allowed him to establish a distinct personality and image that separated him from most modern pop artists. However, most recently, Bibber has tailored his music towards a more mainstream sound that has appealed to a wider demographic. X Being able to adapt to a changing environment has allowed Bibber to remain one of the most iconic music stars in modern time.His evolution and adaptability has been one of the key factors to his success, and will continue to be a determinant of his growth as an artist. Marketing Tactics Receiving support and guidance from his mentor Usher, Bibber was able to position himself as a teen heartthrob, as consumers recognized the alignment between himself and a more Page 15 successful, established, R icon. In addition, Bibber was one of the first artists to launch his career through the means of social media, as opposed to marketing his brand through more traditional methods. I Bibber proved his authenticity, both as an artist and a philanthropist, through the use of Backbone, Twitter, and Mainstream. Reese forums provided Bibber with an opportunity to connect with his fans, granting them a transparent view of his lifestyle and daily activity. Bibber has become one of the most genuine celebrities, as he is unafraid to express his individualism. However, his particular attitude has generated negative media exposure, as Bibber fails to recognize the scope of his most recent outbursts and the power that the media has on shaping the perceptions of consumers.Recent Problems Celebrities often have to deal with their personal problems being magnified by the media. For Bibber, management of his image is crucial, as his main audience consists of impressionable younger females whose parents con stantly monitor their entertainment consumption. Recent problems, such as wearing overalls to address the Canadian Prime Minister, rumors of cheating on his former girlfriend Selene Gomez, his assault on the paparazzi, his defiance against the Grammas, his scandal neighbor, have caused uproar among stakeholders of his brand. Ii Also, his recent associations with the hip-hop community and rapper Bee Major have given him a more urban image that does not resonate well with his current fan base. Continuing to brand himself as an aggressive, rebellious, teenager will be detrimental to the persona that he has built, and a proper strategic marketing plan must be put in place to restore his image and help better manage his entertainment brand. Page 16 Problem Statement: After a careful analysis of Justine Bribers history, combined with an assessment of his current position in pop culture, we have identified an obstacle in evolving his brand. He pop icon could potentially risk losing his relevance in the music industry, through saturation of his core fan base, by failing to resolve a clash between traditional pop culture ideology and growing expression of his individualism. Alternative One: Replicating the Formula of preceding Pop Stars Pop culture is associated with commercial products that spread from local levels of awareness to exposure on global scales for widespread access. Essentially it is ever changing, and forces the product or artist, to latch on to current trends in the marketplace to mitigate the risk of irrelevancy. The alternative is suggesting that Justine Bibber and his management team evaluate and adopt the effective strategies of a legendary pop icon such as Justine Timberline. This would be a worthwhile consideration as Timberline has demonstrated one of the most successful transitions from teen pop to a sophisticated global sound. Timberline made his anticipated solo debut Justified in 2002 and released a follow up album Future Sex/Love Sounds in 2006, Inch delivered very mature and transcending sounds for that era in pop.The music represented a departure from his time with popular boy band NCSC, and included complex lyrical structure and production that supported the critically acclaimed status it has achieved today. In contrast to this sophistication, Timberline has been able to maintain a rebellious image through actions such as dating high-profile celebrities like Brittany Spears, referencing sexual content in his lyrics, and playing the insubordinate protagonist in films such as In T ime.As celebrities are looked upon as heroes by their fan base, and must control the expectations of multiple stakeholders, we believe that Justine Timberline has been able to resolve the conflicts presented in the heroic masculinity page 17 model as seen in Appendix B. Through proper image management, and strategic nonconformist action, Timberline has been able to express himself as the atypical heroic male, simultaneously portraying the roles of the breadwinner and the rebel. Lusting Bibber has mismanaged many of his attempts at rebellion, by creating a disparity between his image as a kind, philanthropic individual, and his isolatedIncidents that have generated negative media attention. Some of these rebellious consumption, and outlandish outburst with British paparazzi. In contrast with Justine Timberline, these rebellious incidents were unable to stimulate positive perceptions Ninth his current fan base, as well as attract intrigue from an alternative fan base. Lusting Bibber needs to find more creative ways of integrating his personal non- conformist actions into his already established image but does not necessarily need to mimic the exact actions of Timberline.Instead, he should copy the framework put place by Timberline, and fill it with his own unique experiences to resolve the conflict between individual expression and traditional pop culture ideology. Alternative Two: Status Quo Lusting Bribers management team has accepted his stardom and ident ified his success with his individualistic approach to interacting with his Believers and media outlets alike. This genuine approach has created a personable relationship between Justine Bibber and his many stakeholders. This has been effective in his ascent into pop stardom because there were limited external influences that could enervate bad publicity during his early to middle years as a teenager. The support of friends and accompanying of family during tours and public appearances allowed Lusting Bibber to stay grounded and out of troubles way. As his freedom and independence increases, Justine Bibber is responsible for his own decision making. Irish stimulates a concern for his brand as a 19 year old with over $100 million who is bound to take risks, experiment, and enjoy Page 18 the wealth he has created.Although, this may support the most accurate display of Individualism, Justine Bibber must recognize that negative publicity comes with the rewriter of hanging out with friends that smoke weed, race sports cars, and party in the Hollywood Hills. In recent weeks, Justine has been feeding content to the media outlets as he threatened a paparazzi, had his monkey confiscated at an airport, and Nas reported to have spit in his neighbors face after a disagreement. This behavior is unacceptable for a teen pop sensation that has been molded into a role model for [Tout all across the world. There is a certain level of expectation that Justine Bibber has to meet, regardless of whether or not he feels he is doing something wrong. The status quo alternative lets Justine Bibber grow and experience the world freely, which delivers the most authentic product to his fans and potential fans. It allows him to make mistakes in the public eye and suffer the consequences of those bad decisions, Inch supports the overall Journey he has taken with his fans. Even though, it may lead to a decline in his popularity it may help to redefine the brand as it was naturally supposed to be perceived.The negative impact of the status quo may be the reduction of music quality, which can be seen by his attempt to enter into urban USIA with a rap over fellow friend Bee Majors sex provoking record called, Lowly. This musical feature is misaligned with Justine Bribers future development and career path, which testifies the great amount of concern associated with him making his own decisions. It is c lear that pre-adulthood is a critical time to reshaping the brand and evolving his musical sound. Justine Bibber must become more aware of his traditional pop culture ideology.Alternative Three: Tell a Better Story Many celebrities have had to face the consequences of bad publicity as a result of undesirable action. The individuals public relations team then becomes of great importance, as Page 19 they struggle to control the flow of unfavorable content transferred through the media to the individuals many stakeholders. However, sometimes the amount of negative publicity is too frequent in a small period of time, that consumers in the marketplace begin to observe the incidents as a pattern of detrimental behavior that represent a descent in the career of the celebrity and a tarnishing of their image.A story is unveiled by the media as the events unfold, and from these events, a aromatic theme is created, which represents the perceptions that individuals have about the underlying causes of the pattern of behavior. For Bibber, his most recent actions, including that of the alleged altercation with his neighbor, showing up to the airport shirtless, and his tantrum with British paparazzi, paints a picture of a pop icon who has allowed stardom to consume him as a person, leading to rebellious behavior that questions the authenticity of him as a kind, philanthropic individual.In this sense, not only is it causing his fan base to view him negatively, his brand, if not ropey managed can begin to become artificial. Outsiders may view Justine Bibber as teenager who had managed to fool the media for an extended period of time, and is only now being revealed as this inauthentic product. However, instead of looking at this as a problem, Bribers management team could see this as an opportunity to portray him as a person who is overcoming a series of adverse situations to reinvent himself and return to his position as a global role model.In addition, the management team could recognize that this is not the first occasion that Justine bibber has been perceived as illegitimate. As Bibber was reaching stardom, many of his critics felt that he was a manmade star with no actual talent or passion for his Nor. His manager answered these critics with the documentary Never Say Never AD and a collection of Youth videos that portrayed the making of his most recent album Believe. This helped to reverse the negative perceptions that the media had attempted to fabricate about his brand.To address the current issu es that have page 110 placed Bibber under recent examination, his management team could construct a narrative that categorizes all of these events as inevitable occurrences of a teenager tempting to transition into adulthood by discovering his true identity. Playing off his previous legitimating, Bibber could solidify himself as a pop star who continually silences his critics and prove that his authenticity is the strongest asset to merging his individualism with traditional pop culture norms.Decision Criteria: the basis for evaluation of our alternatives: economic profitability, brand equity, the ability to exploit new fan segments, and the ease of implementation. Our alternative should continue to ensure the financial success of Justine Bibber and consider the pact it has on his potential career earnings. Regardless of the decision we make, our goal is to maintain and improve Bribers brand equity in light of recent problems that he has faced in the media.As his current fan base will eventually saturate, the ability to create a new fan base will ensure his relevance in the music industry in Hears to come. Lastly, any plan put in place by management should be fairly easy to Implement, as their scheduling and timing is already very limit ed. Alternative 1 Rota I Alternative 3 4 (0. 6) 5 (1. 5) (1. 75) 2 (0. 4) Economic Profitability (15%) rand Equity (30%) Exploiting New Fan Segments (35%) Ease of Implementation (20%) Alternative 2 3 (0. 45) 2 (0. 6) I (0. 35) 2 (0. 70) 3 (0. 6) 4. 25 2. 4 3. Implementation: Based on our evaluation of the alternatives through the use of our decision criteria, following a Page Ill framework put in place by one of the most successful pop artists ever known to the music industry in Justine Timberline, Bibber will be able to exploit new fan segments, develop stronger brand equity, and ensure future financial success. The alternative highlights a key aspect of male celebrities as heroic icons, as it helps to reconcile the wow prevailing identities of masculinity, namely the breadwinner and the rebel.By mitigating the disparity between these two images, and integrating each concept into an all-encompassing marketing strategy, Bibber would not only be able to express the individualism (and thus rebellious side) that results from transitioning to adulthood, but do so in a positive manner. Thus, he will be able to continue to express his individuality, which has been so crucial to his success, while remaining under traditional pop culture ideology.The implementation of this plan would require three hashes: transition into a new sound and image, performing actions in the marketplace that solidify the new positioning and evaluate/reassess the plan to ensure its continued success. In terms of his sound and image, Bibber would need to recognize that his teen heartthrob persona will not uphold into the adult stage of his lifestyle, and that eventually consumers will demand higher quality music that reflects the evolution of himself as an artist. This stage presents Bibber with the opportunity to create a more sophisticated, well-rounded sound and image that depicts a more mature artist. Stint Timberline attained these musical goals by partnering with legendary producers and songwriters to create new sounds and melodies that the pop genre Nas previously unfamiliar with. Jus tine Bibber can emulate this formula by leveraging his current success and sales power to work with classical artists such Prince and Elton John or even producers such as Dry. Luke. Xiii It is important that when he re- establishes his music that he still has ties to his former sound and sense of playfulness, as this will form the basis of authenticating this new image, all the whileIntroducing this bad-ass or rebellion characteristics that will define him as a page 112 masculine hero. This will allow him to maintain his current fan base as well. Justine lyrical content must be universal and resonate with an older audience by containing experience and emotions that is reflective of common challenges adults go through. Ere pop icon needs to tell his story but also the story of millions who are unable to have their voice heard. This strategic approach will foster creative development and allow him to reach new age demographics.To ensure that this new image maintains s sincerity in the marketplace, Bibber would have to perform other actions in the marketplace that would support the transition into his new persona. These would include things such as guest appearanc es on certain television shows, associating himself as a spokesperson for certain brands, and potentially landing a major role in framework by accepting lead and supporting actor roles in movies such as In Time and Social Networkxiv. This would help to appeal to his newly acquired fan base that resulted from his image change, as well as convert skeptics who believed that is image change was a publicity stunt. Justine Bibber could balance his trendy Anaerobe with classic pieces from high fashion collections such as Versa and Louis vitiation. He can work will Jewelers like Michael Jackson did to create timeless designs that could be integrated into performance wear and casual clothing.Most importantly, Justine Bibber needs to develop a signature dance move that will serve as both rebellious in terms of sexual association, and challenging for the average fan or dancer to replicate similarly to the Moonwalk xv. The objective will be to create a humbly that is representative of Justine Bibber as an entertainer and performer. Ere last step would be to assess the effectiveness of the plan that has been put in place and re-assess whether the image overhaul has managed to produce actionable results.This would include asse ssing the increase in his core fan base, an evaluation of the perceptions both critics and page 113 consumers alike have in the marketplace. It must also include the identification of any further action that is required to achieve the established objectives. Justine Timberline is known for taking hiatus from music since his second album, thus when elk sparked of his return, the digital music community and entertainment media Net a buzz.The anticipation was significant as his fan base and newer audiences Newer hungry to here how the super talent would evolve on his latest project considering it had taken him 8 years to return. His third album, The 20/20 Experience, debuted at #1 and sold 968,000 copies in its first week. The album received critical acclaim early and is a testament to an effective formula that can be characterized for Justine Bibber as less music is more music.The teen sensation would consider a similar strategy by prolonging his 3 rd album for a period to build demand and focus on enhancing other aspects of his career like acting and collaborations with legendary musicians to gain further credibility. Jus tine Bibber must take time developing and writing for his next album to ensure that the project serves as basis to grow his fan base by attract older listeners and supporters. In sum, this solution will allow Justine Bibber to avoid losing his relevance in the music industry and resolving the clash between traditional pop culture ideology and his growing expression of his individualism. Appendix C: Time Frame) Page 114 Appendix: Appendix A: Porters Five Forces: arraigning Power of Suppliers Consists of how music labels get access to music in the music industry (artists and their managers) artists high as well The ability to self-promote through the artists website has eliminated the need for extra services from record labels (promotion, distribution, and sales) Bargaining err of Customers Corporate customers include online and offline retailers and can be considered low since prices are usually agreed upon before the contract signing.